With alcohol fuel, you can become energy independent, reverse global warming, and survive Peak Oil in style. Alcohol fuel is "liquid sunshine" and can't be controlled by transnational corporations. You can produce alcohol for less than $1 a gallon, using a wide variety of plants and waste products, from algae to stale donuts. It's a much better fuel than gasoline, and you can use it in your car, right now. You can even use alcohol to generate electricity. Alcohol fuel production is ecologically sustainable, revitalizes farms and communities, and creates huge new opportunities for small-scale businesses. Its byproducts are clean and valuable. Alcohol has a proud history and a vital future.  To learn more, watch the 5-minute "Alcohol Fuel Overview" video below (first video in the list), read the Two-Minute Summary, and check out our Alcohol Can Be a Gas! book and DVD

Blume Distillation LLC is a new technology company focused on designing and developing world-class small- to mid-sized turnkey distillation systems to produce bio-ethanol fuel from a diversity of locally available feedstock resources. The distillation systems will provide localized low-cost and clean fuel to power life-critical applications across global markets. Featuring unique advanced design concepts and proprietary technology developed or acquired by the company, the systems can produce from 20,000 to 1million or more gallons of alcohol fuel per year. These unique systems are suited to rapid deployment in a wide variety of commercial and geographic settings and will produce clean renewable bio-ethanol at costs comparable to, or lower than, large-scale producers.

CLICK HERE to visit the site and find out what David Blume and the BD team are working on now and to learn about participation opportunities with this exciting new alcohol fuel technology and solution providing company.



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